1.) I love that this exists. Someone out there’s  looking out for me. wine to go

Haha. I don’t know what my deal is—I sound like such a wino, but really, I usually end up having, like, 3 or 4 drinks over the course of a whole week. If that. I’m like that kid who never shuts up about sex because he can’t freaking get any. Of course, I can have a glass of wine whenever I damn well please, I just only do it when it’s worth the headache. PS—I totally wrote “cometimes” before autocorrect came to my rescue.

2.) On a semi-related note…Things I Have Learned About Dating #168:

When your date accidentally punches you in the face, the least they can do is buy you a four-dollar bourbon.

(Okay, okay, it was just an elbow, but holy s***. Still hurt like a metaphor.)

3.) I am never giving up shopping for Lent again. I want to buy all the things this week.

4.) I am officially obsessed with chickpea pancakes for breakfast. Recipe coming soon.

Instagram-y Pancake

Instagram-y Pancake

5.) I may not be a runner, but as someone beats the crap out of their feet, I found this article very helpful.

6.) Watch out—the flu is back. Not like it ever left. Happy fun times.

7.) The 10 Comments You Should Never Make to a Woman About her Body. Yes.

What’s on your mind this Friday? Any hard-learned dating lessons to share? 

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