Because I didn’t want to overwhelm you yesterday with recipe links, here’s one more article of mine that’s up on the Farm2Me blog this week. Yes, I write about cauliflower for funIMG 8663 300x225 - 5 Ways to Enjoy Cauliflower.

Show of hands: Who’s hopping on the Paleo train this January? Even if you’re not, I’d be willing to bet a lot of you are still enjoying that “New Year, New Me” energy (yay!) and trying some new recipes. If you haven’t tried cauliflower rice, it’s a fun change of pace, whether you’re trying to eat like a modern cave-person or not.

I’ve also got some ideas for roasted, pureed, and crunchy ways to enjoy this seasonal veggie. It might also kick some cancer-cell ass for you, “according to science,” as the kids say.

The kids—listen to me. Clearly, I’m still recouping from laryngitis. Not talking out loud for a few days in a row makes my typing-brain extra chatty and weird.

Happy Saturday! What are you getting into this weekend? Any favorite cauliflower recipes to share?