2023 So Far And A Q2 Media Round-Up

Can you believe we’re more than half-way through 2023?!

How are you feeling about the year so far? How are you feeling about the rest of this year coming up? 

Me and my Pilates buddy, Rye


As I reflect on the past several months, I find myself feeling incredibly grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had to share so much of my work with you. 

Though everything I write and participate in is meaningful to me, I am especially proud to have published my second book, The Farewell Tour, eight months ago. If you or someone close is providing end-of-life care to a loved one or caring for someone with ongoing needs, this book will (hopefully) provide some comfort (and laughs) in dark times.

Today, I am thrilled to announce something I’ve been working on recently: my Substack. Often in my career, I have been told by clients (and random people in airports, restrooms, locker rooms, etc), “I just want someone to tell me what the f*** to eat!” 

I totally get the desire to not have to think about which foods to choose, especially when we find ourselves hangry, stressed or totally wiped out and overwhelmed, which is where my substack comes in! My signature style of coaching involves taking a mind-body-spirit approach and implementing small changes to create sustainable healthy habits to support my clients’ goals. I’m all about little life hacks and actionable tips, which is what you’ll find in my substack!!

wtf to eat substack

All subscribers will have access to:

  • Weekly WTF To Eat Newsletter, where you’ll get answers to questions about wtf to eat in various types of situations. For example, what to eat before a party, when nauseous, when hungover, before a date night, in an airport, etc.


Paid subscribers will have access to:

  • WTF To Eat newsletter 
  • Calm The F*** Down 3-5-minute meditations. This is where I put on my health coach hat to share snackable meditations to help you calm the F down fast.
  • A quarterly Zoom nutrition Q & A 


calm the f down substack

A big part of creating this substack was because I wanted to bring more fun to what I do. The word I chose for 2023 was “empower,” and behind the scenes, I’ve been doing a lot of inner work on honoring those desires, letting myself follow what feels good, and taking the pressure off of myself to be productive all the damn time. It’s sooo hard, but so important. I’ve been taking my own advice and reminding myself that baby steps are still steps. 

Each quarter I like to share a round-up of what I’ve done media-wise in the past few months—and look at the bigger picture of the things that I’ve shared. Here’s a look at some publications, podcast episodes, and other media appearances from the past quarter: 

2023 Q2 Media



Outside the Studio Podcast:


Elizabeth Pearson’s The Working Mom’s Guide To Sanity Podcast:


Podcast Episodes: 



Other Media Appearances: 



Taste of Home:


Women’s Health:






I hope the resources I’ve shared above will help you along your unique journey. If you’re interested in reading more, I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter for exclusive content and special deals.

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