One of my favorite fall (and, actually, winter!) veggies: parsnips. This delicious root vegetable (which is closely related to the carrot and parsley), has long cream-colored tuberous roots and offers a sweet, slightly nutty flavor. In addition to bringing a unique taste to foods, parsnips are incredibly nutritious and offer many health benefits.


For starters, parsnips are rich in antioxidants, provide a healthy dose of both soluble and insoluble fiber (which promote regular digestion and satiety), support immune system function by providing about 25% of our daily Vitamin C needs in just one serving, and are a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and folate. You can learn more about parsnips’ nutritional information here

Another thing I love about parsnips is their versatility. They pair really well with a wide variety of other foods and can be prepared in all different kinds of ways. You can roast them, steam them, make them into fries, puree them, and mash them! Parsnips happen to be lower in carbs and calories than potatoes, making them a satisfying alternative for people who are keeping an eye on their carbohydrate and caloric intake. Additionally, because they are lower in potassium than potatoes, parsnips are also a good option for someone who needs to limit potassium for medical reasons like kidney disease.  

A few weeks ago, I shared a recipe for one of my go-to easy weeknight dinners that features parsnips, and tonight 

Here are some recipes from my fellow dietitians to give you some cooking inspiration:

Culinary nutrition expert Jessica Levinson has shared two amazing parsnip recipes which make the perfect addition to a fall or winter meal. Her Creamy Parsnip Pear Soup with Cranberry Coulis offers a delicious sweet and savory flavor combination, while her Roasted Root Vegetable Pasta with Pesto one-bowl meal makes for the perfect pasta dish.


Healthy plant-based recipe developer Amy Gorin has hit a home run with her Vegan Creamy Rice with Parsnips, Onion, and Pepper recipe. Not only is this dish pretty to look at, but I also love the flavor combinations and the easy way in which they all come together.


Veggie enthusiast Lizzie Streit of It’s a Veg World Afterall makes some truly wonderful recipes, and her Honey Roast Parsnips and Raisins recipe is no exception! Prepared with aromatic rosemary and sweet raisins, this delectable side dish is perfect for the holidays.


With this Simply Roasted Parsnips with Rosemary recipe, Jenny Shea Rawn is sharing a nourishing, delicious, and incredibly easy to prepare New England inspired dish. These parsnips really shine roasted!


Sarah Schlichter of Bucket List Tummy loves sharing easy, delicious recipes, which is what she’s doing with these Garlic Turmeric Crispy Parsnip Fries. They are so much fun and make for the perfect side dish.


Cool fall nights call for a cozy dinner and this Cozy Potato Parsnip Soup created by Bracha Kopstick of BeeKay Nutrition does not disappoint! This soup provides a wonderful combination of tastes and textures that come together perfectly.


You’ll be creating the ultimate in comfort food with these two recipes from Erin Cooper of Cashew & Quinoa. Dinner will be perfect with her Vegan Ribs over Mashed Rosemary Parsnip Potatoes served alongside this beautiful and delicious Warm Autumn Vegetable Salad.


Trained chef Michele Sidorenkov of My Millennial Kitchen shares an easy, vegan, and ready in 30 minutes Parsnip Mash recipe. This creamy and dreamy parsnip side dish will have everyone clamoring for more!


This Roasted Fall Vegetables with Kale Hazelnut Pesto recipe created by Katie Parker for Rachael Hartley Nutrition will make your house smell like fall as roasted veggies, kale and hazelnut pesto come together to make a truly special dish!


I hope you’ll give these parsnip recipes a try and I hope you love them as much as I do!


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