While picking up a few things at Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck) today, I passed by a display of…Toms. They’re cute and look comfy and all, but Whole Foods just seemed an odd place to see them. You know, because shoes are not food.* Unless I missed something…

*For the record, I’m well-aware that Whole Foods sells all kinds of things that are not food and fall under the “lifestyle” category than anything. I just get a bit squeamish when I feel like I’m being sold an image to go along with my chia seeds.

It does remind me, though, that I’ve been wanting to find time to go shoe-shopping for some closed-toed, summer-friendly shoes that are not flat. Maybe nude-colored. I’m thinking espadrilles or something in that vein. If these were closed-toed, they’d be perfect! Yay, consumerism.Hope you’re enjoying your day. It’s a scorcher here in the city and I love it!

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