I haven’t posted about flexitarianism in a while, but I found this segment on NPR’s Tell Me More really interesting. Host Jennifer Ludden had ADA’s Dawn Jackson Blatner—the author of The Flexitarian Diet—to discuss the need to be a little bit, um, flexible during the holiday season.

In short, the main message is to cut back on meat and load up on vegetables. Blatner also tells vegetarian listeners how to get that savory umami flavor found in meats. She also encourages vegetarians to just have a little turkey and enjoy the meal, treating meat as a condiment.

It’s an interesting suggestion. I suppose it all depends on why someone chooses to follow a vegetarian diet in the first place. I will say, I did have a meatless Thanksgiving, and I didn’t feel a bit like I was missing out, thanks to the nontraditional yet delicious spanikopita my mom brought!

Really, when it comes down to it, you just have to do what works for you.

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