I definitely got my wine tooth from my mother’s side of the family. I grew up in an environment where savoring a good glass of wine was considered one of life’s pleasures, and with the exception of the summer I was 21 and seeing  a six-foot-something alcohol “enthusiast,” a glass of wine has always been my standard drink.

(One of these days I will learn to stop admitting I had fun in college, but today is not that day.)

Anyway, given our shared affinity for vino, it was fitting that our impromptu Mothers Day road trip involved stops at a couple vineyards in New York State. We didn’t do tastings at all of them (though we did make mental notes for a next time), but we samples the wines at Demerest Hill Winery. I think my favorites were the port, and the peach wine, which was a total surprise. I usually hate sweet wines, but this was fabulous. And wine made from peaches—wtf!? Perfect for a summery spritzer.

The owner himself was worth the trip alone—he couldn’t have been nicer or more entertaining! Only after the last pour did he think to ask me, “Are you over 20?”Demerest Hill

I used to hate being mistaken for a teenager. Now I kind of like it—feels a bit like found time. Talk about incentive to keep eating my veggies and drinking plenty of water…

After realizing we were all hungry and on the verge of hangry, we ended up at the Landmark Inn in Warwick. It was such a treat—sometimes you strike out when you pop in somewhere on a whim, but this was a fantastic Mother’s Day lunch! I started with a simple green salad and then Duck l’Orange for my entree. Duck at Landmark Inn

It was a great way to celebrate my mom and spend some time as a family. Cheers to that.

How did you spend  Mothers Day? What’s your drink of choice? Did you have fun in college? 

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