Happy Wednesday. How’s your week going? A lot of us on the east coast are still like, “What the f*** was that!?” regarding Saturday’s snow storm. I can’t believe I’d rolled my eyes Friday when they were talking doom & gloom all over the news. I was just thankful I got to spend Saturday safely inside, especially because I knew I was expected at the hospital on Sunday. It gave me a chance to catch up on writing work and even—gasp—read for pleasure. Ruth Reichl’s new book, My Kitchen Year, is such a joy. And this is coming from someone who hardly ever says things like “such a joy!” IMG 5079 300x225 - WIAW #251: Snowzilla Day

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, it seemed only fitting to share my snow-day eats. But first, I think I need to share a snapshot of what was going on at my parents’ house. Eli was napping comfortably against my mom’s leg until he realized she was taking pictures of him. Nap interrupted:IMG 5083 300x300 - WIAW #251: Snowzilla Day

Caption: “Hey—I’m sleepin’ here!” My mom joked that Eli has turned into a little Jersey boy. The idea of him with my homeland accent is hilarious.

Meanwhile, in NYC, I was making and eating things. 

Breakfast: A leisurely bowl of savory mushroom-topped oats with goat cheese and tahini

IMG 5074 300x272 - WIAW #251: Snowzilla Day

Lunch: A salad, avocado toast with hemp seeds, and some soup from the freezer

IMG 5089 300x300 - WIAW #251: Snowzilla Day

Snack: Plain yogurt with coconut flour, cocoa powder, and blackberriesIMG 5091 300x225 - WIAW #251: Snowzilla Day


Dinner: Leftovers—farro in a brothy tomato sauce (delicious recipe fail), greens, and leftover roasted cauliflower, topped with a fried egg and the last few slices of avocado #uglybutgood

IMG 5094 300x225 - WIAW #251: Snowzilla Day


Snack: A banana with PB2 sauce before bed

How did you spend your Saturday? What was the last book you read? 
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