Happy Friday! What are you getting into this weekend?

As a New Yorker, I don’t go out to eat nearly as much as I should/could, but earlier this week, I had a great dinner at Tacombi Fonda Nolita. Aside from the cute-casual ambiance (cooking done out of VW vans and strings of light in a garage-like space), the flavors in the food were all just perfect. I had a tostada with refried beans, cheese, and avocado and then a seared veracruzana fish taco. Both had what I think was pickled onions on top. Amazing—so much flavor. I didn’t take any pictures because I was just enjoying myself, but you can check out what some Yelp posters had to share.

Fonda Nolita (image from website)

The summer of 2013 was a good summer as far as tacos go—I think that’s because I was going on a lot of dates with people I met online, and there is something about online dating that attracts taco enthusiasts. Maybe because they’re inexpensive? Or just delicious and messy and a good litmus test? Most of my taco experiences were positive, except for this one time, six days after I got ghosted by a taco-loving Brooklynite I’d been seeing all summer and thought it was time to pull myself together and get back on the bike or whatever the expression is.

After a polite glass of white wine somewhere in the West Village, I found myself at another West Village establishment full of suits and their ladies.  Had my internet date not let slip the exquisite lobster taco on the menu, I probably wouldn’t have gone on to round two, but we all have our weaknesses. I still remember that glorious moment this taco arrived on that glossy white plate. I was so f***ing hungry and also looking forward to getting a break from answering date/interview questions about myself. To my horror, the suit I’d come there with decided to pick that moment to try to hold hands. I’m sorry, but do you know anyone who is able to eat a taco with one hand? The very idea seems to defy the law of physics. As if holding hands on the first date with a stranger wasn’t weird enough. After extricating my hand from his grip so that I could eat in peace, he kept touching me—my shoulders, lower back, thigh. Just, no.

I learned a lot of things that year…One glass of wine is great but two is tricky; If you give a mouse a cookie, he will steal your bathrobe and eat McNuggets in your bed while you’re trying to sleep; Eating tacos with one hand is just not doable; People who barely know you who try to touch you while you’re eating are creepy.

Anyway. Maybe this is why it’s better to get to know someone before you eat tacos with them.

It’s been forever since I’ve made tacos at home, but now it’s going to be on my mind. I spent some time poking around this list of recipes on Cooking Light. I also love the of taco salad that’s a step up from ground turkey cooked with cumin dolled up with bottle salsa, guac, and shredded cheese. The wheels are turning… These chicken carne asada tacos are at the top of the list.

I also went down the rabbit hole of taco recipes on a few of my favorite blogs too because this is how I procrastinate when trying to write about healthy things, apparently. Not that tacos can’t be healthy, of course. I stumbled on these breakfast tacos on How Sweet Eats for example and just, well, yeah. That needs to happen, but maybe for dinner? And with more vegetables because that’s just how I bastardize do everything. I almost always want more greenery. #dietitianproblems

So. This weekend. How about taco night Saturday? Or breakfast tacos instead of donuts Sunday morning? Just some ideas.

Do you like tacos? Favorites? 





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