Happy Friday! Hope you’re looking forward to some good stuff this weekend. I’m headed on a little weekend trip with the fam that I’ve been looking forward to for months. Since I’ve been focusing on cleaning out my fridge this week, I’ve been enjoying a lot of weird salads and savory oatmeal concoctions. Here are a few food-things that caught my eye that I want to try my hand at when I get back. I’ve already updated my Fresh Direct order for when I get home about ten times—probably will tweak it a few more as the ideas come. #foodbloggerproblems

online dating article and oatmeal*I’ve been on a savory oatmeal kick lately, but this blueberry peach oatmeal from Brittany at Eating Bird Food sounds lovely! I’ve been doing blueberry in my oats and yogurt messes all summer, but haven’t thought to add peach to the mix. Duh, Jess.

* “5 Small Easy Snacks from an Avocado” from the kitchn’s Small Bites. Always up for a new way to use avocados—especially since I always buy too many.

*More from the Kitchn: 4 Essential Ice Cream Bases. Some of my RD friends have been circulating an email about making plans for an ice cream tasting party—emphasis on portion sizes, of course! After trying my friend Natalie’s husband’s homemade vanilla ice cream with fresh-ground nutmeg, I sure hope it’s not a competition!

*Anyone got wedding cake on the menu this weekend? I keep saying I’m going to stop posting about dating and relationships on social media, but after a friend sent me this article about the age at which one is supposed to get married (if they want to avoid getting divorced within the first 5 years), I had to share. According to this study, I am basically smack dab in the middle—or at least I will be on my birthday this year. Currently climbing the fence over here. Guess I’d better get moving. At least until the next study comes out that gives me a window of, say, 33-47. Or whatever. What is age, really?

*If cake and ice cream aren’t your thing, how about we chat about healthy fare? I am all about the summer stone fruits lately. The other night, I made a steak salad that had arugula, sliced peach, and gorgonzola. It sounds weird, but it was absolutely divine.

*Just for fun: 14 Things You Never Knew About Trader Joe’s  So apparently there was, in fact, a trader named Joe…


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