Happy Friday! So, at some point in time, the holiday season arrived and it’s all happening. Among the many festive happenings, A Very Murray Christmas comes to Netflix today, and I am way too excited. There are also plenty of reasons to leave the house this month, and many of us will find ourselves surrounded by way more sugar, rich food, and booze than usual.

If this birthday old-fashioned I enjoyed in place of cake while out to dinner Tuesday night is any indication, it’s safe to say I know what my weakness is ; ) IMG 4117 1024x1024 - What to Make this Weekend: A Healthy Holiday Plan

There are lots of ways to help you keep it real this holiday season and avoid excess calories and “what was I thinking” hangovers. My post on the Rise blog shares a few of my favorite healthier-holiday strategies to help you survive all those parties.

What are your holiday season weaknesses?