Happy Friday! What are you looking forward to this weekend?

This feels like the first weekend in a while I’m not working at the hospital, so I’m looking forward to taking things at my own pace a bit. I’m participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk again on Sunday, and can’t wait. It feels like a meaningful way to honor my grandmother’s memory each year. Fingers crossed that we get good weather!

I’m also eyeing some recipes.

Like this white chard soup from 101 Cookbooks. Wow.

And this crockpot chicken and broccoli rabe chili? Um, yes a million times!

If you, like, me, have been apple picking recently and still have a bunch of apples handy, here are some favorite non-pie apple recipes I recently shared with YouBeautyJess apple picking

What else to make: This eggplant grilled cheese sandwich from Food & Wine sounds amazing. Paired with a simple side salad, it would make a great lunch or dinner. Maybe even an egg on top, croque madame-style? I put fontina cheese on my shopping list for this reason, specifically.

Have a great weekend!

What recipes have you been wanting to try lately? 

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