Rabbit, rabbit.

Does anyone else say that on the first day of a new month? Does anyone remember why? I think that maybe it’s good luck or something?

Either way, happy Friday! Happy May! Gah—spring is, like, halfway through already and I’ve only just started to feel like it’s safe to take my wool coat to get dry-cleaned so I can put it away until next year.incense

My mom always tells me to light incense to mark endings and beginnings and clear energy. Guess I should add that to the to-do list for the weekend.

grain bowl What are you looking forward to this Saturday and Sunday? My schedule is blissfully uncrowded. As someone with an atypical work schedule, I struggle sometimes with taking time off (especially two whole days in a row!), but deep down, I know it’s good for productivity and, well, my health,  but it can be tough to unplug. I have a few recipe ideas I want to play with, but given the lovely weather report, I’m thinking more about what kind of time I’m going to spend outside.

Though my own kitchen agenda remains a blank slate, here are some posts that caught my eye this week:

*This guide to building a better meal in a bowl from Food52 is so up my alley. It’s safe to say that roughly 80% of my meals are eaten out of bowls, so yeah.

* The Obvious Secret to a Perfectly Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet . I swear, someone from The Kitchn is in my brain. After shattering a Pyrex pie plate in the oven the other day, I’m thinking it might be time to get myself a cast iron skillet. I know they’re heavy, but, like, hey—strength training.

*Speaking of The Kitchn, this post is an old(er) but good one too: ricotta as a breakfast ingredient. I am on a quest to get people on board with this. There’s more you can put on toast than butter! Yogurt isn’t the only thing that goes great with granola and fruit. Waffles, pancakes, and French toast can also get a nice upgrade with the addition of a little part-skim ricotta instead of plain old butter & syrup. It’s also great on omelets. I could go on…

*Spaghetti-Stuffed Roasted Peppers? This sounds like a delicious example of portion control done right. Add a salad, a sprinkle of parm here and there, and call it dinner. Nice! I’ve been a Cup of Jo reader for years, and I love the recipes she chooses to feature. My younger self would be a little weirded out at how much I dig Martha Stewart these days, but there are totally worse things.

Have a great weekend!

What’s on your to-do list? 




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