So, Friday. What’s on your weekend agenda? After traveling for a wedding two weeks ago and spending last weekend at a conference, it’s weird to be in New York this weekend. I’ll be working at the hospital and then spending Sunday doing things people with real lives do. At least that’s the idea. I’ve been doing a lot of recipe testing and plan to spend a little time in the kitchen coming up with some more new things to share.

Speaking of things to share, someone shared this Slate article with me the other day that I thought was quite well-written. If you hadn’t caught on based off my “real food from all the food groups” approach, you probably won’t be surprised to hear I tend to agree with the idea that “diets” don’t work. I am all about small changes, a little at a time, starting from a place you can handle starting from. I feel it’s the kindest, safest approach to reaching your personal weight goals, and gradually building on your experience as you go helps sustain a lifestyle that will keep you in a place that is healthy for you—every body is different, and maintaining an open line of communication with yourself about your physical and emotional wellbeing is key to long term success.

Now before I go off into any psycho-babble-esque deep end, let’s talk about some recipes I saw and want to share in case you’re planning on cooking this weekend:

IMG 9574 300x300 - What to make this weekendI actually have something very similar to this planned for my April newsletter, so I had to laugh when I saw this in the New York Times Cooking newsletter on Wednesday: Coconut roasted carrots. My version does not call for mint or cilantro, but this does, and it sounds divine. Do it.

Speaking of carrots, how about making a cake with veggies in it? Love these ideas from Food52. They look and sound delicious—even the parsley cake!

Need to do a dry-run of Easter dinner? Cooking Light has some great ideas, complete with suggested wine pairings.

I need to try this Frappuccino-inspired smoothie I saw on FitSugar. Now that the weather is consistently above freezing (during the daytime, at least), this is actually doable!

I have Italy on the brain this week and have been spending way too much time on Expedia. Maybe this would be a great time to make some meatballs? I just made these turkey ones the other day, and they were so good. You can use real pasta or spiralized zucchini or spaghetti squash if you want to try something new.

What are you up to this weekend? 




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