I’m one of those people who prefer to work out in the morning. To me, breaking a sweat is an energizing way to start the day, and since I’m genetically prone to crazy-morning-person behavior, I don’t mind waking up a little earlier to do it. Whether I have breakfast before or after depends on my schedule.

After seeing this article on meal timing for exercise, I wanted to share some of the tips. Whether your goal is weight loss or maintenance or simply getting the most out of your gym time, here are a few suggestions: 

  • If you have an hour or less, reach for something light like a piece of fruit or a container of yogurt. People who like to work out in the morning may prefer to eat a bedtime snack like a small bowl of cereal or toast.
  • If you have two or more hours, have a small balanced meal such as oatmeal with fruit, or a light lunch like a salad or a bowl of soup.
  • If you have three to four hours, a full meal is your best bet, so you still have energy by the time you get moving.

Drinking plenty of water before, during, and after a workout is also important. You also want to help your body recover after exercise by eating or drinking something with protein and carbohydrates.

I don’t know about you, but pretty much anything tastes better after I’ve broken a sweat and showered!

What time of day do you prefer to work out? What are some of your favorite pre-and-post-workout foods?

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