I’ve written before about my guilty-pleasure perusal of How About We’s blogs. Well, the other day, I read a post that totally cracked me up called, “10 Best Post-Sex Foods.”

I know, I know, I totally just posted a picture of suggestive pasta a few days ago, so if you’re wondering what’s up, you’d be right to infer that I’ve been having a good summer. That said, a lady (even one who blogs about phallic refined-grain products) doesn’t kiss and tell.

Of this post-coital nourishment best-of list, I’d have to say that eggs get my vote for the top honors (especially if it’s brunch), but I also got a kick out of this one:

Flaxseed Oatmeal: Congratulations, you just started your day with sex. Now have a very nutritious breakfast and go to work feeling superior to everyone.

I’d also have to add that overnight oats are great to come home to after a weeknight spent somewhere else. However, this obviously requires knowing ahead of time that you will not be coming home, which makes this post-walk of shame breakfast seem kind of wholesome in comparison to, like, pizza, another food from the list. I can’t tell if I’m apologizing or bragging.

I also have to agree with this one, if only from a nutrition standpoint:

A banana or banana based dish: You need potassium to prevent leg cramps. Dr. Oz would be so proud. Plus bananas. . . you know? Bananas.

The writer of the list also mentions “Anything you can get delivered, particularly something ordered without actually speaking to someone.” While we’re being honest, though, I’ll admit I’ve always liked going out for that romantic dinner after the fact and being those annoying folks acting all smug in the manner of “OMG, I’m so worn out and in need of repletion.”

Sorry, nutritionist humor. In reality, this scenario looks more like me shakily trying to break a piece of bread apart while laughing at myself. It’s hard to be smug when  you’re so hungry, you can barely read a menu.

So, spill—what foods are on your post-sex list? 

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