I went out to NJ today to get my hairs cut and do a little Mothers Day pre-gaming while Chris was at class.

silly look-at-my-haircut photo

While we were out, my mom asked if I knew anyone who wanted a bunch of leftover Easter chocolate. I said, “Why don’t you freeze it and use it for baking?”

“Oh. Yeah. Let’s make brownies today.”

So we did. In fact, we had a brownie bake-off. My sister proclaimed herself the judge, and we got to work. My mom worked from a recipe my aunt gave me, and I improvised some black bean brownies.

It was a lot of fun. We melted down a bunch of milk chocolate eggs and mixed them into the batter. My mix (pre-chocolate) was a vegan experiment using black beans, coconut oil, egg replacer, white and wheat flour, baking powder, salt, and vanilla. I added extra cocoa power and topped my almost-done brownies with mini chocolate chips. Unfortunately, I totally spaced on putting sugar in the batter. I thought the sweetness of the chocolate would be enough. Whoops. At least the texture was fantastic.

Taste-wise, my mom’s brownies totally kicked mine’s ass(es?). However, they were not brown, so my sister declared these brownies a failure as well, if delicious.

“You both lose,” she said.

Next time, Gadget…

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