You can tell it’s a busy week when I rely on picture posts. Since I usually show you Monday or Tuesday for What I Ate Wednesday, I figured I’d show you what this actual Wednesday looked like.

The interns had our monthly “class day” this Wednesday, which meant morning lectures and a free afternoon. I’d like to say I got a lot of work done, but really, I caught up on laundry and went for a massage. It was exactly what I needed to do. Since I wasn’t at the hospital all day, I actually had time to be a little more creative in my use of leftovers…

Breakfast: I packed some yogurt-based overnight oats to eat during the first class

Lunch: Leftover curried red lentil kabocha soup with veggies and goat cheese; toast with avocado and roasted pepper 

Snack: Green smoothie with cereal 

Dinner: Grits with veggies, tofu and bacon (why not put tofu and bacon in the same bowl?), topped with miso tahini dressing; side salad 

Snack: Apple with PB2/chocolate sauce 

As much as I’ve been loving my current rotation, the break in the routine was welcome. I feel like I got a chance to hit the “reset” button—and just in time. Back to the life. Have a great day!

Do you ever pair bacon with stereotypical vegetarian fare? 

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