So, just one thing I’d like to get out of the way: I am fully aware that today is Thursday and not Wednesday.

All right, moving on…

While I love posting recipes and highlights of restaurant trips and the like, I tend to shy away from “What I Ate Today” posts. I’ve done it a few times for sites like All Access Internships and Lil’ Veggie Patch, but to be completely honest, I’ve never really been keen on documenting every meal of every day on the internet. It’s very time-consuming, and I’m not sure it would really fit in with the tone of my blog (any thoughts on that are welcome).

That said, some studies have suggested that patients looking to adopt a new diet plan do very well by documenting their intake with electronic tools such as cellphones and computers. I wouldn’t be surprised if photographic food diaries became an everyday thing in nutrition practice. Only time will tell, of course, but I’m still trying to decide which side of the fence I’m on. What helps one person may harm another.

After seeing a few other bloggers doing “What I Ate Wednesday” posts, I checked it out and saw that the project was started by another dietetics student. I  thought it was a pretty interesting idea.

Though I don’t have any intention of doing this every week, I wanted to give it a try. It was a good exercise for me in remembering that when I do a 24-hour intake with a new patient/client, what they tell me they ate the day before may or may not be typical. Wednesdays tend to be my crazy day that begins early and ends late. Your wacky Wednesday might fall on Thursday or Sunday—who knows? It’s always important to ask…

So, enough of that. Here’s What I Ate Wednesday:

Breakfast: Overnight oats—oats, chia seeds, yogurt, banana, spices, frozen blueberries

Lunch: Brown rice with tofu and mixed veggies, homemade red miso sauce. An apple for dessert.

Snack: Mini Babybell cheese

Dinner: Leftover whole wheat pasta with spinach (cooked in garlic and olive oil), a few spears of asparagus, a bit of leftover pesto and parm, and an egg cooked in—weird but good. Tomato soup on the side.

Snack: Toast with dark chocolate peanut butter and half a banana

While snapping a few pictures wasn’t as tedious as writing down every single item eaten in a notebook, it can make it hard to determine portion size. For someone who’s just learning about servings and portions, I’m sure photos would be helpful in giving them a quick look at their overall habits and choices.

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