Happy Wednesday!

Since it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Monday, I’m sharing a look at a recent Monday, which is my really long day. I usually get up early to work out and then head to my corporate wellness job where it’s back-to-back patients. After I finish up for the day, I usually pop into my office before heading to a standing evening appointment. I’m always exhausted when I get home, but satisfied.

As far as food goes, Mondays are usually heavy on the repurposed leftovers. File this under: Whatever Works.

Breakfast is usually prettier than the rest of my meals, but I swear they all taste good—event the ugly ones! Most importantly, they fuel me well to get through a hectic day.

Post-workout Breakfast: Savory Oats topped with leftover veggies plus tahini and goat cheese


Lunch: Salad with leftover roasted veggies and chicken


Snacks: A blood orange ; plain Greek yogurt and seeds


Dinner:Leftover cruciferous crunch and avocado toast with egg


Then it was time to faceplant into bed.

How do you repurpose leftovers? 


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