Happy Wednesday! I don’t know why I always get so excited about multiples of 11, but I’m very pleased that today’s WIAW is #77. It also gives me another reason to link to this song, which gets stuck in my head way too often.

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wiaw+fall+into+good+habits+button - What I Ate Wednesday #77

Since last week I shared a typical busy Monday, I thought I’d share a busy Sunday instead. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I spent part of the day at the Brooklyn Book Festival. I also had a lot of chores and a tea-date.  In terms of food (at least timing-wise), this day was anything but typical, but being flexible is part of the fun sometimes.

Late Breakfast: green pancakes (added spinach to the mix and put it in the blender) topped with peanut butter and banana —I’d totally do this againimg 0324 - What I Ate Wednesday #77

Snacks: (unpictured) cappuccino at an outdoor cafe in Brooklyn Heights; a sliced apple img 0328 - What I Ate Wednesday #77 

Dinner: Hummus, eggplant & roasted pepper sandwich; mixed roasted veggies and garlicky cabbage; bean soup with nutritional yeast img 0330 - What I Ate Wednesday #77

Snack: Yogurt with cereal (ugly, yes, but good) img 0332 - What I Ate Wednesday #77

As much as I love summer, I also like fall a lot—and fall food. I can’t wait to play around with new (and old favorite) soup recipes and find new ways to turn my palms orange by overdoing it on pumpkin and other squashes. Maybe I’ll finally get reacquainted with my slow cooker. I’m obviously also glad about the fact that it’s getting to be legit red wine weather!

Do you have any favorite fall foods?