Another week, another What I Ate Wednesday. As always, thanks to Jenn for hosting the link party. To see more WIAW from other bloggers, visit Peas & Crayons.

wiaw+what+i+ate+wednesday+august+party+button+2012 - What I Ate Wednesday #70

Since I didn’t travel last weekend, it was easier to get in the swing of things this week. I’m enjoying my current rotation (Cardiac) because I get to see a lot of patients each day. That face-to-face interaction is one of my favorite parts of clinical nutrition, so even if it means being on my feet a bit more, I get a lot out of it.

Though I’ve been sticking to a lot of summer staples to keep me going throughout the day (see the way I worked in this month’s WIAW theme?) I’ve also been trying to mix in new things to keep it interesting. That could be something as simple as “what happens if I used a white peach in my oatmeal?” or something along the lines of, “I wonder if hummus works a pizza topping…with an egg on top?”

Here’s what I ate on Monday.

Breakfast: Overnight oats w/ a white peach, berries, and PB img 5665 - What I Ate Wednesday #70

Lunch: Salad, veggie chili, & cornbread (I’m starting to get really sick of this) img 5666 - What I Ate Wednesday #70

Snacks: grapes; dry roasted edamame img 5667 - What I Ate Wednesday #70

Dinner: Whole wheat tortilla “pizza”/mess. Hummus instead of sauced, topped w/ veggies, goat cheese, a poached egg, and a drizzle of tahini.  img 5669 - What I Ate Wednesday #70

Snack: Greek yogurt w/ berries & cereal img 5673 - What I Ate Wednesday #70

How do you keep things interesting when it comes to food?