Happy Wednesday all. Another week, another What I Ate Wednesday. As always, thanks to Jenn of Peas & Crayons for hosting the link party! Visit her site to see more WIAW from other bloggers!

wiaw+sensible+snacking+button - What I Ate Wednesday #62

This month’s WIAW theme is sensible snacking, but I had a total snack fail on Monday. It was a really weird day, as I had to be in 6:30. It was because I had to leave a bit early, so I was fine with it. Even when I’m tired, I tend to be more productive in the morning and early afternoon. I managed to get a lot done. The rest of the week is going to be a bit hectic, as it’s my last week in food service, but totally worth it.

All day and after leaving the hospital, I was basically running on adrenaline, rushing around, so it wasn’t until I sat down to lunch at the Capital Grille (long story) way too close to 3 pm, that I realized how hungry I was. I know I’ve said my bit about “dude, I’m not a vegetarian” on several occasions, but it still feels a bit weird when I post meat on the blog. I shouldn’t have to justify it by mentioning menstrual cramps or something,  so let’s just say that when the universe offers you filet mignon with mushrooms and onions, you say yes. At least if you’re me.

Breakfast: Overnight oats img 5283 - What I Ate Wednesday #62

Lunch: Field greens salad; filet mignon with mushrooms and onions; sautéed spinach  (I ended up taking some home—will have to get creative with the leftovers)img 5280 - What I Ate Wednesday #62img 5284 - What I Ate Wednesday #62

Snack: Sliced strawberries img 5282 - What I Ate Wednesday #62

Dinner: Whole wheat linguine with leftover spinach, steamed zucchini, peas & parm. Random but delicious. img 5287 - What I Ate Wednesday #62

Snack: Apple & sunflower seed butter (recycled photo of apple & PB but hey, I was tired…) img 3098 - What I Ate Wednesday #62

What do you do when the universe offers up filet mignon? What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week? 

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