Another week, another What I Ate Wednesday. As always, thanks to Jenn of Peas & Crayons for hosting the link party! Visit her site to see more WIAW from other bloggers!

 WIAWbutton - What I Ate Wednesday #60: Holiday Weekend

Since I usually bring you a workweek day, I thought this week I’d mix it up a little and share some of what I enjoyed during the long weekend.

On Sundays (or in this case, Monday), I usually make enough breakfast to last a couple days into the week. This week it was steel-cut oats with apple, chia, and flax. Top with some peanut butter or sun butter and it’s good to go. img 5163 - What I Ate Wednesday #60: Holiday Weekend

Since I’m moving next month, I’m trying to use up a lot of the random things in the freezer and cabinets, which is what led to this lunch concoction. Scrambled eggs on frozen waffles? What the hell? img 5154 - What I Ate Wednesday #60: Holiday Weekend

In lieu of an afternoon snack on Sunday, I walked round the city with my friend Madeline and eventually stopped in at the Maritime Hotel for a drink.

img 5157 - What I Ate Wednesday #60: Holiday Weekend

Nothing like prosecco on a hot afternoon

Saturday night I made a soba noodle stir-fry… img 5145 - What I Ate Wednesday #60: Holiday Weekend

but Sunday I had dinner plans with my dad. We went to Pier 9 in Hells Kitchen just to try something new. I really enjoyed my roasted beets salad and swordfish. img 5160 - What I Ate Wednesday #60: Holiday Weekend

img 5161 - What I Ate Wednesday #60: Holiday Weekend

pardon the dark photo…

I didn’t mean to order two things with arugula, but I’ve been craving it lately. This time last year I couldn’t stand the taste, but lately I can’t get enough. Haha I think I’m afraid of arugula on some level—A few different women I know said that right before finding out they were pregnant, they were struck with out-of-the-blue cravings for folate-rich foods like dark leafy greens and orange juice! But yeah…not even a remote possibility there, so cheers to that!

How do you react to food cravings? For those of you in the U.S.—What was the best thing you ate over Memorial Day weekend?