Happy Wednesday, all. It’s time for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday. As always thanks to Jenn for hosting the link party. To see more WIAW from other bloggers, visit Peas & Crayons.

WIAW+GOES+GREEN - What I Ate Wednesday #51: On the mend
So far I’m doing much better this week than last week. Suffice it to say, I don’t think I plan on going into oncology, but I sort of knew that going into this internship. I’m actually really relieved to have such an emotionally taxing rotation out of the way. For the next few weeks, I’m doing endocrinology, which involves a lot of diabetes education—something I’m much  better suited to. Go figure, though, that I freak out over cancer but can look at a post-op amputation or decaying appendage and be fine. I guess we’ve all got our stuff.

This week I’ve been remembering to bring snacks in the morning so I’m not shaky and cranky by the time the day ends. It’s been making a huge difference! I’m still making sure to have balanced, filling meals too. Here’s what Monday looked like…

Breakfast: steel-cut oats with apple, pumpkin, chia seeds & ground flax, topped with a PB2&pumpkin mousse (not sure what else to call it), apple sauce, and granola crumblesimg 4692 - What I Ate Wednesday #51: On the mend

Lunch: Salad from the cafeteria salad bar (some days are more interesting than others) img 4696 - What I Ate Wednesday #51: On the mend

Snacks: (unpictured) grapes and one of the granola bars I made Saturday, eaten throughout the day img 4674 - What I Ate Wednesday #51: On the mend

Dinner: Leftover spinach & cheese ravioli with veggies, marinara, and shrimp; salad & sauv blanc on the side img 4687 - What I Ate Wednesday #51: On the mend

Snack: plain yogurt with fruit and a more granola bar crumbles img 4697 - What I Ate Wednesday #51: On the mend

What are some of your favorite snacks? What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recent?