Happy Wednesday, guys. Oh my goodness, this week is going so fast! My dietetic internship started on Monday, and I’ve been inundated with new information—and lots and lots of paper…I’m really excited but obviously, it’s a big change.

You’ll notice my photos are especially ugly this week—haha clearly, I’m still adjusting to a different schedule. Weirdly enough, getting up at the ass-crack of dawn is easier than anticipated, but that’s probably because I’m one of those freaky morning people.

Here’s what I ate yesterday…

Breakfast: Overnight oats (skim milk + oats + chia seeds + banana + cocoa) reheated and topped with blueberries & PB2 sauce I made a little too thin—whoops img 4483 - What I Ate Wednesday #47: Big Changes

Lunch: A mix of salad from the cafeteria salad bar and snacks from home. An unpictured breakfast cookie made its way in later in the day.img 4484 - What I Ate Wednesday #47: Big Changes

Dinner: Mixed vegetables with a little goat cheese; sandwich with smoked salmon, avocado, greens, and roasted pepperimg 4486 - What I Ate Wednesday #47: Big Changes

Snack: Lemon Chobani with crumbled graham cracker and blueberries img 4490 - What I Ate Wednesday #47: Big Changes

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WIAW+GOES+GREEN - What I Ate Wednesday #47: Big ChangesWhat’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately?