I try to keep things positive on here, but many times over the last few months, I’ve found myself with my hands in the air, saying, “Okay, Universe, you have my attention. What am I supposed to be learning right now?”

I usually think of myself as someone who can handle very emotionally intense situations well, but what I’m realizing is that my body really likes to distract me with physical pain during those times. Need to work on this…Haha at least my left thumbnail continues to grow back, and since last week’s root canal, my tooth no longer sears with pain when I eat or drink anything hot and cold. Once I get my permanent crown placed, I’m excited to be able to chew on the left side of my mouth again. Tiny wins!

Haha anyway, I’ve been talking for months about needing way more recharge time than I’m used to. Rest is probably one of the things I’m supposed to be learning in 2018, for sure. That could also be another side of the “you’re not getting any younger” coin. Seriously, though, stress is no joke—if I’m being honest with myself, sleep is the thing that takes the biggest hit in the self-care department in my life when things get nuts, so it’s no wonder that I’ve been falling apart!

Last Sunday the weather in NYC suddenly turned terrible again, so the fact that I was wiped out made it a good day to stay in and get some writing done. I also managed to do laundry and later in the day I went to yoga. It definitely helped me face the week ahead feeling like a functional human again. Just in time for the biblical downpour that was Monday morning. It was like the weather was trying to weed out the real New Yorkers from the impostors. Not so sure I really wanted to pass that test that badly, but, um, happy ten-year New York anniversary to me? Somehow, I’ve been in this crazy town that long…

Anyway, for this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post, I’m sharing a look at what I ate on Sunday.


Breakfast: Two sunny side up eggs over leftover roasted vegetables and sweet potato
Lunch: Arugula salad with zoodles, sardines, and avocado in balsamic (the sardines come packed in olive oil and the avocado has plenty of healthy fat so no need to add more).
Pre-Yoga Snack : 2% Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and fresh strawberries
Dinner: lamb& mushroom meatballs from the freezer served with vegetables and a little yogurt, hummus, and goat cheese ; a piece of dark chocolate for dessert


How does your body react to stress? 


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