Rather than set a bunch of lofty resolutions this year, I instead honed in on a few business goals and decided to pick a word to focus on, so 2018 is all about “fun” and experiencing in joy in my everyday life, work, and relationships. Sometimes that takes a little practice for me, breaking old workaholic habits. and old structures.

For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post, I’m sharing a peak at a day when I had a midday corporate wellness event that required me to be onsite from 11-2. I used to be pretty rigid about mealtimes. It had to be breakfast, then lunch, then a snack. Another thing, I would have done in the past was go right into working my butt off when I got home. However, I’d been feeling under the weather and just emotionally exhausted all week, so I totally blew off some editing work I was dreading to go meet a girlfriend for a restorative yoga class and catch-up over tea. Probably the best thing I did for myself all week!

As for the “what I ate” part of the day, here’a  look:

What I Ate Wednesday 356


Breakfast: Roasted sweet potato before the gym and then a couple slices of this egg white mushroom frittata
Pre-Event snack: plain Siggi’s with a flax & chia pack,  cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup
Lunch: Arugula salad with tuna, radishes, avocado, zoodles, sauerkraut, hemp hearts
Snack: Frozen raspberries with a spoonful of yogurt & jam
Dinner: Leftover tofu, spinach and roasted veggies with tahini; chocolate and tea for dessert

Have you found yourself changing up old routines to make your life easier? 


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