Happy Wednesday! It’s finally “warmed up” here in NYC. And by warmed up, I mean that it’s about freezing. Still, I’ll take it! There are many pros and cons to working for yourself, but I have to admit, it was really nice to wake up knowing that whether I work from home or not was entirely up to me when there’s snow in the forcast. I usually like to cook during snowstorms, but this turned out to be a GREAT day to catch up writing work and organize my apartment a little. For example, I still had to take down my Christmas tree and finally put away my Christmas gifts (I know, I know—it’s just that I was barely home!). It wasn’t like there was much, but even unpacking three gift bags felt like such a hard task.

Oh! And I finally bought myself a new rug—one that is not covered in dog vomit stains. I had been stalking some designs on Wayfair over the past year, and they had a great post-holiday sale, so I went for it. Even with buying a rug pad to go underneath, this 8′ x 10′ beauty cost less than $250. And free shipping. F*** yes. I loved my old rug and was afraid to change for so long (yes, even with the dog vomit stains and threadbare spots), but I’m so glad I finally went for it.


Could not be happier. My apartment has light floors and light walls and black and dark wood with little touches of metallic here and there, and I like the way this contrasts with the warmer colors and more masculine furniture. Yada yada yada. To look at this, you would never know that my bathroom is, like, all pink.

Anyway. As for the “what I ate” part of this post, just because I wasn’t cooking much doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy tasty food. Here’s what I ate on my snow day:

Breakfast: An egg white frittata with mushroom, kale, leek, and goat cheese (recipe coming soon)

Lunch: A big salad with random veggies in the fridge, tuna, and a sprinkle of goat cheese

Snacks: Frozen berries ; plain yogurt with chia seeds and cinnamon

Dinner: Turkey “rice” soup and, for dessert, a piece of leftover Christmas chocolate. I love how Lindt makes their reindeer and rabbits the same shape. It’s kind of endearing and weird.

How do you like to spend snow days? Do you have a job where you need to still go in if it snows? 


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