Happy Wednesday. Hope you’re enjoying a great week. I’m scrambling to get my act together before a trip, but I wanted to pop in and join the weekly  What I Ate Wednesday party. Last week I shared some desk meals, so how about this week we look at some weekend stuff?

I did work a lot of the weekend, but I still got to enjoy some delicious meals.

Breakfast: Saturday morning involved a gorgeous egg white scramble made with leftover veggies (including roasted baby eggplant). IMG 2358 300x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #230

My “treat” for starting my hospital  shift at 7:15 Sunday morning was a delicious crappy deli iced coffee with milk and splenda. Not even remotely good for me, but total comfort drink. Weird, I know. IMG 2372 300x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #230

I followed it up with some pumpkin egg white oats (like this but without cranberries), to which I added peanut butter.


IMG 2376 300x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #230


Lunch: I totally forgot to take photos of lunch because I wasn’t thinking in WIAW mode, but both days involved salads eaten in a hurry between tasks. Sunday’s looking kind of like this, but no egg because I was out. IMG 1564 300x261 - What I Ate Wednesday #230

Snacks: It’s a weird day if Greek yogurt doesn’t find its way in somehow. I’ve been digging the 2% plain lately with cinnamon and either flax or chia, maybe a little honey or fruit if I have some. IMG 1459 225x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #230

Dinner: Saturday night I went to a 30th birthday dinner but didn’t take any food photos. Sunday night I met my parents at a place we’d never been before, Tessa, where my mom and I shared this gorgeous saladIMG 2380 300x225 - What I Ate Wednesday #230

and both ordered the octopus appetizer for dinner. Any day I get to eat octopus is a good day. IMG 2383 300x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #230

It wasn’t a big dessert weekend, but at Saturday night’s dinner, the restaurant gave us mochi with the check. The one I got was blueberry-flavored and had blueberry-flavored ice cream inside. The birthday girl said they looked like “weird condoms.”

mochi plate - What I Ate Wednesday #230


Hm. I’d never really thought of that before, but now I will never be able to look at mochi the same. I’ll probably still be able to eat them, though, because, well, priorities.

Happy Wednesday! What’s the best (food thing) you’ve eaten recently? 

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