Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a great week. I dove in with both feet after a long weekend away, but the downtime was so restorative. It was nice to hang out with my mom and dad and soak in some warm South Carolina . weather—and delicious food, of course! Here are some of the culinary highlights from my trip.

When I travel, I always bring a few of these Amazing Grass Green Superfood packets in the chocolate flavor. That way I know I’m getting in my greens plus some probiotics to help keep digestion on track. These have been on my must-have travel items list for years. Perfect way to start the morning.

Over the long weekend, I enjoyed some combo of eggs and veggies each morning. The most photogenic was definitely Saturday, when my mom and I had a late post-workout breakfast at a coffee shop in town. My omelet had spinach, kale, tomato, mushrooms, onions, and cheddar in it.


Since breakfast was so late and we had early dinner plans, we didn’t both with a formal lunch, though I did enjoy some 2% Greek yogurt with flax and blueberries (not pictured) between a mani-pedi and massage (such a treat!) and then, later, I made this hummus & yogurt dip, and we ate it with sliced veggies.

Hummus and Veggie Snack Plate

For dinner Saturday, we went to a wonderful restaurant in Bluffton, SC called FARM. We were lucky to be seated near the open kitchen and got to watch the cooking process. A quick look at their menu and you’ll see why it was so hard to make up my mind!


We shared the oysters, hogs head much, and grilled sourdough for appetizers and then I chose the steak (minus the frites) as my main. To drink, I enjoyed prosecco and bourbon. It was an indulgent meal but completely worth it.

farm steak & broccoli

Rather than have dessert at the restaurant (though everything looked amazing!) we went and had some coffee at a nearby cafe to sit outside and enjoy the weather. A little before bed, I was a tiny bit hungry again, so I had some sliced strawberries and a spoonful of yogurt—perfect!

I also like to bring packets of Vitality Natural Calm when I travel. While I only drink it during the second half of my cycle at home, I almost always have it before bed when I’m away.
What was the best thing you ate last weekend? 

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