Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a great week. I’m hustling to wrap up loose ends and meet a few deadlines before heading off on a long-weekend trip (aka cramming 6 days of work into 4) so gonna keep things short today.

One of the challenges I’ve had to navigate in my work life is weekends. Starting off my nutrition career in clinical meant being expected to regularly work weekends, so I’ve had to learn how to balance rest, relaxation, and family time with a non-traditional schedule. Sometimes this has meant celebrating holidays on alternative days.

Though I’m doing a lot less weekend coverage now, this still comes up sometimes. For example, I was covering on Mothers Day, so my mom and I had our own celebration this past Sunday instead. It was really low-key: just lunch and walking around in the beautiful sunshine, which was exactly what we both needed.

Here’s what I ate…

Breakfast: Still digging eggs and veggies for breakfast—perfect with roasted purple sweet potato too (I ate some of the potato while cooking because I was so hungry after a walk in the park)!

Egg & Veggie Breakfast Plate

Lunch: At the Mermaid Inn, my mom and I shared some east-coast oysters and both had the Nicoise salad. I’m all about that tapenade vinaigrette. To drink, cava x 2 (special treat) —recycled photo because the lighting sucked


Pre-Yoga Snack: plain Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and a teaspoon of peanut butter (not pictured)

Dinner: I received a huge shipment of salad greens for a project, so I made a repeat of a salad I’d enjoyed earlier in the weekend: greens with hummus chicken, roasted veggies, and goat cheese in a yogurt-based dressing. I’ve also been reading Ann Shoket’s The Big Life and loving it!

Salad & The Big Life

Bedtime Snack: Blueberries with a few tablespoons of a new cheesecake-inspired dip recipe I was testing for another project. I forgot to take a photo though because I was so tired.
Do you ever celebrate holidays on alternate days?  What book are you reading right now? 

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