Happy Wednesday! This is the first What I Ate Wednesday of 2017. I kind of love that the 300th installation of this weekly food diary-esque series occurs in the first week of a new year. I also kind of love this meme I saw floating around over the weekend:


 2016 was an intense year, and I basically had zero motivation to do anything crazy for New Years Eve. I traveled to South Carolina to relax for a few days with my parents over the long weekend.

I woke up at three a.m. on Friday morning to get to the airport for my early flight. Because security was weirdly speedy, I had an hour-and-a-half to kill, so I walked around the terminal and treated myself to a nice breakfast (egg white omelet and salad).


Once I’d arrived at my destination, I took a quick shower to rinse the stale plane energy off. Rather than interrupt my day with a nap, I like to keep myself busy when I’m that sleep-deprived, so my mom and I ran some errands and did a little shopping at Target before enjoying lunch at a local barbecue place. We shared some “riblets” to start and then had salads, which came with a choice of smoked meat on top. The server recommended the pulled chicken, and I was so happy I tried it. It was so good! I crave meat like crazy when I’m tired, so this hit the spot.


I love that my mom is into yoga now too, because earlier in the week she’d scoped out a great studio and bought a pass so we could go to more classes together. The power yoga class we went to helped me feel like a functional not-tired human again. I started to fade by dinnertime, though, so I was more than ready to eat and call it a day when we finally sat down to eat with my dad around 7:30. The meal was worth the wait, though. I ended up eating a local fish called sheepshead (something my dad said, once upon a time, you would just throw back if you caught one) that was served over spaghetti squash in a white port sauce with ginger and radishes—wow!


I slept reeeeally well that night.

New Years Eve itself was also pretty mellow—mostly just enjoyed spending time with my family and not taking a ton of photos. We had dinner with a few of their friends at a local restaurant and kissed 2016 goodbye with a bourbon toast.


I’m curious to see what the new year brings. Did you set any resolutions? Check out my tips for making them stick. On Sunday, I was also talking about what my goals are for the new year—and some healthy recipes to help you hit the reset button.

How did you welcome 2017? 

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