Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having a good week. Today actually happens to be my birthday. It’s not a “big” birthday or anything, but I’m looking forward to celebrating with a few friends.

Since last week was Thanksgiving, may as well do the obligatory post-holiday food recap thing. I actually really like Thanksgiving–it comes at the beginning of the holiday season, before we’ve had a chance to get burnt out. And by “we” I mean “I.” As with other food holidays, I encourage making time for a workout and breakfast (and maybe even lunch) rather than skipping meals and trying to white-knuckle it to dinner.

This Thanksgiving, I took my own advice by enjoying a little cardio and yoga with my mom and sister and having a savory oatmeal breakfast comprised of random stuff in the fridge that wasn’t needed for dinner (I think there was flax, egg whites, baby spinach, and a bunch of spices in there, plus tahini on top). In between helping with food prep during the day, I had a bowl of plain Greek yogurt with ground flax and blueberries. We were expecting people to start coming over at 3, and by the time I thought to eat something, it felt a bit late for lunch, so this worked perfectly.

For appetizers, we had a big spread of veggies, cheese-and-crackers, antipasto, and some other random stuff. I made a plate of raw and marinated veggies, some cheese, and a piece of this brie-and-apple tart we’d made. Totally failed at a plate picture, though! brie-and-apple-tart

Dinner: Major dietitian cliche—filled half the plate with veggies(brussels and string beans), a quarter with protein (turkey), and a quarter with carbs (roasted root veggies).


Dessert: I had some fruit and whipped cream, and a few hours later when my stomach started growling, some more plain yogurt with cinnamon and maple syrup. In between I had a few cups of this Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea—it’s so good!


One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is post-Thanksgiving leftovers. Friday morning, I was all about leftovers-for breakfast. Sunday morning I enjoyed a bowl of pumpkin oats with cranberry cooked in and on top. I also shared another post-Thanksgiving favorite on the Stonyfield blog: Beat the Post-Holiday Dinner Daze with a Leftovers Salad.

Another great thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with my family (and fur family). I enjoyed catching up with some friends too for lunch at a local diner. Can’t beat an omelet and wonderfully crappy diner coffee.


As an early-birthday celebration, I enjoyed a nice dinner with my parents at the Mermaid Inn. We shared oysters to start, and then my mom and I both ordered the salmon. My two glasses of sparkling wine paired perfectly.


I didn’t take a picture, but another think I love about Mermaid is the way they give out free chocolate pudding instead of dessert. It’s the perfect little something for after dinner.

What’s your favorite holiday food? 

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