Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Hope you week is off to a great start. For today’s edition of this “what I ate”-style link party, I’m sharing some highlights from Labor Day weekend. I worked at the hospital Friday-Sunday but then had dinner with my parents Sunday night. Afterwards, we drove out to New Jersey, where I enjoyed a relaxing Monday with my family before heading back into the city that night. Even though it was less than 24 hours, I felt like I’d enjoyed a whole weekend off. It was nice to soak up some time with the family and the fur children.

Janie and Jess

Love those dog smiles : )

eli naptime

Breakfast: After enjoying a nice morning walk with my mom, I had some of this eggplant, tomato, and black bean casserole (adapted from this recipe). I added baby kale, greens, and an egg on top, plus a sprinkle of parmesan after taking the photo.

tomato black bean with egg

Post-Yoga Snack: We met up with my sister for yoga. Not to sound all “#blessed #om #perfectlife” but I am just so happy that yoga is something we can share together. Afterwards, we went back to my parents’ house. I enjoyed some Greek yogurt with cinnamon, ground flax, and a drizzle of maple syrup. I forgot to take a picture, but it basically looked like this, minus the cacao nibs.

yogurt with maple syrup

Mini-Lunch: More of the casserole from breakfast with added greens.

Dinner: During the cocktail hour, I had baby carrots, sliced cucumber, hummus, and goat cheese. At dinner, I had salad (my sautéed and marinated some mushrooms to add—so good), a burger but without a bun because I wanted to make room for a small piece of eggplant parm from a local Italian deli. Dessert was a big slice of the most perfect watermelon I’ve had in ages. Bourbon on the rocks to drink.

Labor Day 2016

Bedtime Snack: By the time I got home, unpacked, and showered, it was pretty late and my stomach was growling, so I had some more yogurt with coconut flour, cinnamon, and vanilla mixed in. It was exactly what I needed to settle my stomach before I settled in to go to bed.


What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your family? 

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