Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? For my U.S. readers, I hope you enjoyed a nice Labor Day weekend. Though it may feel sad to be moving on from summer and retiring our white clothes until next year, I love the “back to school” vibe that September brings.

That said, I wanted to do one last summery What I Ate Wednesday post and share what I ate on an overnight trip to the Jersey shore the last weekend of August. It was short and sweet and so worth it! I brought one of my lady-friends, and we had fun checking out the sites, enjoying the weather, and taking silly pictures.

Jess Cording ice cream

I went out to my parents’ house after my Saturday shift at the hospital and enjoyed some quality time with Eli before getting up early the next morning to head to the beach.

Breakfast: I had some yogurt with strawberries, flax, and chia before hitting the road.

strawberries Greek yogurt

Second Breakfast: Once we got to the island, we joined my mom, sister, and her boyfriend at a local breakfast place. I enjoyed an egg white omelet with spinach and mushrooms and sliced tomatoes. It was awesome.

Uncle Wills egg white omelet

Lunch/Snack: I never got around to taking a picture, but between things, I had a serving of dry-roasted edamame, a handful of Trader Joe’s crispy broccoli florets, and half a glass of wine. My mom made my sister’s boyfriend some lunch/early dinner before he headed back north, so we all had appetizer plates consisting of mixed cooked veggies, ribs, and black garlic with bread to spread it on.

Dinner: Because we had to late a long time for our table, we enjoyed some drinks on the porch of the restaurant. I had a bourbon on the rocks. This totally hit the spot.

black whale bourbon

For the meal, I had exactly what I had when my mom and I went to this place for lunch earlier in the month—broiled scallops and broccoli. Hit. The. Spot.

black whale broiled scallops

When we got back to the house, I was so tired, basically all I wanted to do was go to sleep, so I did. It was glorious.

And now it’s back to reality. I’m into it. Have an awesome day!

What were some of your summer highlights? 

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