Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going?

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend at the beach with my mom. The funny thing about when I say “going to the beach” is that I actually don’t go on the actual beach very much. Being super-pale and susceptible to passing out in the sun makes me just tons of fun in the sand. I love the beach at night or on an overcast day, but you’d have to pay me (or bribe me with lobster) to put on a swimsuit and, like, frolick at high noon. Sun worship is not my religion.

That said, I love the salty ocean air and am always amazed at how deeply I sleep when I’m near the water. Unless, of course, I’m staying somewhere that’s wicked haunted, as was the case when I spent a weekend on Bald Head Island in 2010. I barely slept a wink because I was up trying to peace-think away whatever the heck was out in the blackness on the other side of the screen door.

Anyway, my family has been going the Jersey Shore since I was a little kid. My mom’s family has actually had their house there since the 1970’s, so even though I only get down there a few days a year, it’s always such a nice treat. The three nights my mom and I spent there over last weekend was incredibly restorative.

When it comes to food, I generally encourage clients to enjoy one treat per day when on vacation. For me, that’s usually an extra drink. Or bacon.

wine al fresco

Since we’re talking food and drink, let’s get to the “what I ate” part of this post. Here’s what Saturday looked like.

Breakfast: before we went for a walk, I had half a banana. After our walk, we had sauteed veggies (zucchini and onion) with eggs and half an Ezekiel English muffin.

eggs and ezekiel muffin

Lunch: We checked out a yoga class after breakfast and then came home and showered.We decided to go out to lunch in town, which was a nice treat. I enjoyed a glass of wine (prosecco)—I loved these glasses with the lines indicating how high to pour. Cute and practical!

prosecco lined glass

For the actual meal, my mom and I shared some mussels in garlic broth and then we both had broiled scallops and broccoli—several of my favorite foods in one meal.

black whale broiled scallops

Snack: I didn’t take a picture, but around 4 in the afternoon I had some plain Greek yogurt with cocoa powder, cinnamon, and ground flax, plus a few slices of leftover banana.

Dinner: A glass of sparkling rose wine while cooking our Blue Apron dinner of wild Atlantic cod with summer succotash. We added extra spinach to up the veggies. I love the idea of Blue Apron but they don’t include nearly enough vegetables. That said, it was delicious.

blue apron wild cod and succotash

Snack: A little while later we went for a walk and I had a couple bites of a mocha popsicle my mom got. I wasn’t really up for dessert yet, but go figure my stomach started growling right before bed, so I had some sliced strawberries and called it a night.

Do you have any food rules on vacation? Favorite summer treats? 

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