Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week? I’ve been clicking along with some projects and trying to keep the coffee intake realistic and practicing what I preach about making time for self-care. One thing I struggle with a lot is downtime. It’s so hard for me to just unplug for even a few hours, especially when I’m doing work I love and am really engaged in. As I was writing about last Thursday, though, I’m super-lucky to have some great friends who really get me. A  few weekends ago, I got to spend an afternoon with one of those friends. It was so great to just get out and walk around and catch up. Here’s the “what I ate” part of the day.

Breakfast: Savory oatmeal- forgot to take a picture, but it had mushrooms, goat cheese, and tahini on top like this one

savory oatmeal with mushrooms and goat cheese

Lunch: At the Cull & Pistol oyster bar in Chelsea Market. We both got the salmon salads—delicious! I want fresh dill on all my salads now.

oyster bar salmon salad

Dinner: We enjoyed 2 different types of pizza and tastes of 5 different wines at a New York Vintners wine-and-pizza-pairing class. My favorite was the mushroom slice, which had several types of mushrooms. There was also a pizza that had barbecued beef (brisket?), blue cheese, arugula, and peaches. My favorite wine was the Gruet blanc de noirs. New York Vintners has coupons for their classes available quite often, so it’s a fun thing to do in the city that’s not wicked-expensive.

wine and pizza

Speaking of New York being wicked-expensive, a friend sent me this Gothamist post yesterday about whether millenials have a future in NYC, and I found myself nodding the whole way through. I love it here, but I think about jumping ship all the time.

Snack: Before bed a few hours later, I had a banana with a few spoonfuls of yogurt on top but didn’t think to take a picture.  So what else is new?
What are some of your favorite things to do in your city?  

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