Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? I’m in the midst of a crazy week, having just returned from a long weekend away. It was so nice to take a real vacation, though. I spent last weekend in Newport, RI for the yearly folk festival. It was a great lineup-3 days of music. It’s kind of my family’s big thing we do every year.

This time around, my mom, aunt, and I shared an Airbnb apartment. Each morning we went for a long walk and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and then spent the rest of the day exploring town and listening to music at the festival.

newport harbor

There were so many great acts. A few of my favorites: Elvis Perkins, Brett Dennen, Graham Nash, and Elvis Costello. The Flight of the Concords were also hysterical. The weather was hot and sunny, so I was a sweaty mess basically all weekend and got a little more sun than intended, despite my constant sunscreen application and giant hat.

As far as the food goes, it was a great mix. We did go out to eat for a few meals, but we cooked in a lot using food we’d brought up in a cooler. A lot of our meals ended up being clean-out-the-fridge creations.

Here’s what I ate on Sunday, the last day of the festival.

Breakfast: A thrown-together breakfast salad with eggs and an (unpictured) slice of baguette we’d used to make crostini with black garlic & white anchovy

newport breakfast salad
Lunch: Native striped bass (I wanted to ask the difference between native and local fish but was too shy) with heirloom tomatoes & kale at a local restaurant called Stoneacre Pantry my aunt spotted. It was delicious! 

Striped bass Newport
Snack at the festival: Apple, a few pieces pork jerky my mom brought (not pictured)
Dinner: More cleaning out the fridge action, which was a random assortment of roasted peppers, baby carrots & hummus…

appetizer plate newport

followed by chicken enchiladas and salad—ugly but good. To make room for wine (sparkling rose) and crostini, I skipped the flour tortillas. Priorities! Sometimes I’d rather have wine be the carb at a meal, and other times I want something else. Whatever works for you!

newport enchiladas

Do you like to bring food and/or cook when you’re on vacation?  

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