Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? It’s been another scorcher here in NYC, but I kind of dig it because you know it’s 100% summer. This feels like the only time of year (except for deep in the dead of winter) that it feels like a definitive season. Ah, global warming. It’s driven me to appreciate ridiculous extremes. I often hear people say, “I like experiencing all the seasons,” but I feel like every year the lines get more and more blurred.

Though I’m not planning to move away from NYC within the next year, I have a running list of other places I’m curious about. A lot of them are in the South and the Southwest. If nothing else, these hot weeks are great opportunities to see how serious I am about the change in weather.

Anyway, since I shared an out-of-town weekend post for the last WIAW link-up, I thought I’d share a work-from-home Monday. I had a busy week ahead so took the chance to fit in some time for self-care to help me get set.

Anyway, let’s move on to the “what I ate” part of this week’s post…

Breakfast: Chocolate zucchini bread oatmeal eaten out of in a near-empty peanut butter jar after yoga. What I often do if I go to an early yoga class is to make my breakfast beforehand and then have a little bit before I go and the rest when I get home so I don’t have to worry about making two breakfasts. Whatever works! So yeah—I made this oatmeal, had about a half-cup before running out the door, and then stored the rest, covered, in a glass pyrex container that I just popped in the microwave for a minute when I got home.

zucchini oats in a jar

Lunch: I’d had dinner in New Jersey the day before with the family, and I was sent home with some delicious, leftover steak. Naturally, steak salad had to happen. I also had some berries for dessert.

steak salad

Snack: Plain Greek yogurt with a tablespoon each of coconut flour and cocoa powder, topped with a couple sliced strawberries and about a 1/2 teaspoon of dark chocolate chips. Can you tell I was craving chocolate?

chocolate yogurt strawberries

Dinner: I still had some leftover steak, so I sliced it up and served with some more veggies. This is way more steak than I’d usually have in one day, but I’d been feeling like my iron stores were a little low the past few weeks and hadn’t gotten around yet to having any red meat. I don’t like to have it more than once a month, so I should be set for a while now.

steak and veggies

Snack: Before bed, I had some more berries with a spoonful of yogurt.

Do you like steak?  

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