Happy What I Ate Wednesday. For my US readers are getting into a short week after Monday’s Fourth of July holiday, hope you had a great long weekend! I’m diving in to a busy day, so let’s do this weekly link-up party thing.

Silly coffee mug

I worked Saturday and Sunday at the hospital (someone’s gotta do it), but I did go to a BBQ Sunday after work. I had Monday off, so I enjoyed a relaxing day—a long walk and pilates, as well as some cooking, writing, and phone/email catch-up with friends and family. Here’s the “what I ate” part:

Breakfast: Green smoothie with cauliflower rice, spinach, banana, and protein powder

green smoothie blender

Lunch: Salmon with a big salad—one of the simplest things to prepare, but feels so fancy

salmon salad

Berries for dessert:

blueberries strawberries

Snack: Siggi’s with cinnamon, a spoonful of assorted seeds (hah), and a drizzle of maple syrup 

siggi's with superseeds

Dinner: Leftover salmon with some cooked veggies (cauliflower rice, cruciferous blend, summer squash, mushrooms, onion) and a little rye to drink while cooking 

salmon and mixed veggies

Bedtime Snack: More berries with some of this ricotta cheesecake dip (not pictured)

If you celebrated, how did you spend your Fourth of July weekend? What was the best thing you ate last weekend? 

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