What I Ate Wednesday again. How’s your week going? Aside from this being the first official week of summer, it’s also my first official week with my new schedule. I had a little taste of it the past two weeks and have noticed a huge, positive shift in my mindset and energy. It feels like I’ve entered a new phase.

central park door

I’d been struggling with burnout for a while. Having a per diem clinical job is awesome in that it keeps me on my toes in terms of time management and remaining flexible (and keeps my brain sharp by feeding my thirst for nerdy science stuff and up-to-date info on clinical practices), but it also makes it challenging to predict income and workflow more than a few weeks ahead of time.

For awhile this was manageable, but as I’ve taken on more writing, consulting, and private clients, not knowing how to plan my time and spread my energy effectively began to wear on me. Insomnia is usually the main indicator that I’m in trouble, and when I found myself, well, not really sleeping at least once a week for the past few months, I knew I had to make a change. It took awhile to figure out what to do, but one day it finally came to me when I wasn’t even trying to think of a solution.  Funny how that goes.

I was afraid that saying “I will no longer available to work here Mondays and Tuesdays” would sound ludicrous, but fortunately, my manager was receptive. I mean, I have been working almost every weekend there for some time now, so maybe it didn’t sound as ridiculous as I thought it might.

Interestingly, within 24 hours of discussing the change, I was offered some exciting freelance projects I might have been afraid to take on before, and I connected with some great new clients. Coincidence, maybe, but it felt like getting some kind of cosmic green light.

So yeah. Long story. I know that these Wednesday posts are about what I eat, but I know you guys have said you appreciate inside glimpses into the life of a dietitian and how healthcare professionals balance stuff. Hah, balance. It’s an ongoing process…. iced coffee at work

A few weeks ago, I was feeling all, “I want to dye my hair red and get the f*** out of New York NOW,” but then the full moon and summer solstice came, and I woke up feeling more, like, “Blonde is still good. New York is still okay for right now. Everything is still moving.”

I think New York noticed my wanderlust, though, because it’s been especially kind to me for a change.  Aside from the great weather, there have been lots of little day-to-day moments that give me reason to say, “Thanks, universe.”

For example, I recently got to cross one of my NYC bucket-list items off the list. After years of wanting to go to Shakespeare in the Park, I finally won the ticket lottery last Friday! I went with Elana, and we had the best time! The feminist production of The Taming of the Shrew (featuring an all-female cast!) was AMAZING.

Shakespeare in the Park

As for the “what I ate” part of last Friday? Here’s a look…

Breakfast: Dark chocolate oatmeal in an almost-empty peanut butter jar

pumpkin oats in a jar

Lunch: A salad that featured zoodles, hemp hearts, smoked salmon, and avocado

salmon and avocado zoodle salad

Snack: Greek yogurt with coconut flour and raspberries

yogurt with coconut flour and berries

Dinner: A mess of whatever veggies I had left in my fridge and toast topped with hummus, roasted peppers, and the last boiled egg

veggies and egg toast

Bedtime snack after the show: More Greek yogurt, this time with cocoa powder and a tablespoon of PB2 mixed in. (not pictured)

Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do in your hometown? 

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