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Even though it’s not technically summer yet, it’s certainly felt that way in NYC. I’ve been loving the nice weather. Sure, it’s feeding my wanderlust for parts of the country where I could enjoy this type of weather all the time, but I’ll take this for now and simply enjoy.

Sunday, my mom and I both had the day free, which almost never happens, so we spent the afternoon together. We’d had ambitious sight-seeing plans, but when the day actually arrived, we both felt like a more low-key day of lunch and shopping. It was so nice to spend some time together—I felt like I’d taken a vacation. Here’s the “what I ate” part of the day.


I woke up early to work out and get some writing and errand-running done. I made a big green smoothie with cauliflower in it (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it) and topped it with a drizzle of coconut oil and some of this Trader Joe’s Super Seed & Ancient Grain Blend.

cauliflower green smoothie


We were both feeling seafood, so we went a step up from our usual Le Pain Quotidien and split some sushi, hamachi carpaccio, and each had a nicoise salad.

Atlantic Grill lunch

After a few hours of walking around and a little light shopping, I found myself hungry again, so I had some unpictured 2% Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and coconut flour before heading off to restorative yoga. If you haven’t tried restorative yoga, it’s a freaking delicious class—you basically just lie on the floor propped up with bolsters, blocks, and blankets and occasionally roll over.

Dinner: I cobbled together a salad of leftover veggies, shirataki noodles, avocado, an egg, hemp seeds, and nutritional yeast.

salad with shirataki noodles

Bedtime Snack: Berries with goat cheese

What was the best thing you ate this past weekend? 

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