Happy What I Ate Wednesday. How’s your week going? After a wedding this past weekend, I spent Sunday recovering via catnaps and yoga and spending a little time playing pretend tourist in Central Park when the sun came out for a bit in the afternoon.  I’ve had a few days to catch up on some writing projects early this week but will be doing hospital coverage the rest of this week and weekend. I swear, this constantly changing per diem schedule is either aging me prematurely or keeping me young by always having me juggling a lot and shifting gears. I’ve been reading Arianna Huffington’s Thrive recently. Since turning 30, I’ve been really focused on making space to have, like, an actual life. It’s a process, and a lot of it involves finding out all the things I’m doing that are not helping. Noting the days where I totally fail at work-life balance can show me a lot about where and how I can make changes.

I thought that this week I’d share last Wednesday’s eats—an actual Wednesday on WIAW. On this particular marathon Wednesday, I did floor coverage in the morning and then went to clinic before spending the evening on some client meal plans. I don’t advise anyone to work 12-hour days, but sometimes it happens. Making sure I have good food and taking the time to have a homemade, calm dinner helped offset the crazy a little. Here’s what I ate to get me through.

Desk Breakfast: Chocolate zucchini bread oats with peanut butter.

chocolate zucchini bread oats

Desk Lunch: Salad; an apple partway through the afternoon while writing notes

clinic desk lunch salad

Snack: Yesterday’s avocado snack

avocado chia snack

Dinner: Sautéed local, seasonal veggies from my Farmigo haul, served alongside seared monkfish that I topped with caponata.

Monkfish and local veggies

Snack: Totally forgot to take a picture, but I had some plain yogurt with cocoa powder and strawberries.

How long does your workday usually last? Do you have any favorite work-life balance tips? 
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