Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Let’s jump right into this “what I ate” link-up thing. It’s a little crazy to think I’ve been doing this for so long—over five years. What the what? It’s amazing to me just how much things can change. When I started, I was a 25-year-old grad student living with a vegetarian boyfriend who didn’t allow eggs in the house. Hah, um, yeah. Things have changed a lot. I want to lift the veil for a sec and just say, “WTF?” and also “Thanks for all the cool adventures so far, Universe.”

Going back to my very first WIAW post to check the date was a total trip. Especially interesting to me was that I had no intention of making it a regular thing, and here we are five years later, and I haven’t missed it even once. That’s…kind of ridiculous. On the one hand: cool. On the other hand: Is that just healthy consistency or is it being too busy to realize you’re on autopilot? Both at different times?

iced coffee at workWhich brings me to this: I’ve been working on some stuff behind the scenes, and though I don’t have any Big Reveal posts drafted yet, I certainly have been thinking a lot about how things should continue on here so I can deliver content that’s enjoyable and relevant to you guys. One piece of feedback I’ve been getting is that people want more recipes and more tips & tricks, so I’ve been keeping that in mind this year.

You may or may not have noticed I’ve done away with my Sunday posts, for the most part. This time last year I was even posting on Saturdays for a while too. For some bloggers, seven days a week is totally okay and realistic, but as a dietitian juggling writing, consulting, a clinical job, and private clients, it becomes important to take balance into account and check in with myself periodically about what’s working and what’s not.

This is why once of my 2016 goals has been to focus more on quality rather than quantity. I really hope you’re getting what you came for by reading here, but I would love to hear about the kinds of posts you dig and things you’d like to see more (or less) of.  What I Ate Wednesdays are one thing I’m considering changing to a bi-weekly or monthly post at some point. That’s still in the future, though. We will see. I guess on the Stages of Change scale, I’m still contemplating.

So yeah, let’s get back to the “what I ate” part of this post. Here’s what I ate last Saturday, when I worked a shift at the hospital. I wasn’t feeling well, so I took the night “off” to sleep and work towards a deadline so I could spend Sunday enjoying some social plans. It was totally worth taking things easy so I had energy to enjoy the next day eating delicious food and exploring the Greenpoint Open Studios happenings—and the sketchbooks at the Brooklyn Art Library:

sketchbook project

But right, Saturday.

Desk Breakfast: Chocolate zucchini bread oatmeal on a fancy paper towel placement; peanut butter on the side. chocolate zucchini oatmeal desk breakfast

DeskLunch: A big salad with a boiled egg. It was just a combo of random leftover veggies and beans. I had an apple at some point too.

desk lunch salad

Snacks: Plain Greek yogurt with strawberries, ground flax, and a spoonful of oatsyogurt with strawberries

Dinner: Soup from the freezer, a side salad, and Ezekiel toast topped with a combo of ricotta & black garlic and sliced roasted eggplant


Before Bed: A sliced banana with peanut butter (not pictured)

Do you like to take things easy to rest up before a day you want to enjoy? And blog talk: what types of posts or topics would you like to see on here? 

To see more WIAW, check out founder Jenn’s blog Peas & Crayons.


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