Happy  What I Ate Wednesday. Hope you’re having a great week so far. I can’t believe we’re already getting into mid-January. Like, what the what? I can’t even. Am I still allowed to say “I can’t even” in 2016? I really hope so.

Anyway, for this week’s food diary-style post, I thought I’d share what I ate  last Friday, when I spent a day off traveling to the suburbs to have lunch with my mom and get my hair done. Is it weird that I still like to go to the same person who did my hair when I was in high school? She also does my mom’s hair and my sister’s and I think one of my aunt’s? I’ve gone through phases with people closer to home, but sometimes that comfort level is important when so many other things in your life are in flux. Totally worth the trip.

Haha wow—did not expect to get all philosophical about hairstylings, but hey. How about we get to the food part of this post? 

Breakfast: One of the best bowls of savory oatmeal I’ve had in a while. I based in on this recipe but used half unsweetened coconut milk and half-water and mixed in a little kale I was trying to get rid of. On top, I added some leftover roasted cauliflower, eggplant dip, and goat cheese.

savory oatmeal with cauliflower and goat cheese

My mom and I actually managed to meet up for a quick lunch at a local Japanese place. We both ordered the sashimi lunch special, which came with miso soup, as well as some salad with orange ginger dressing and we split an order of a BBQ rib appetizer special that was damn delicious.

Tawara sashimi lunch

On the train back to the city, I had a couple clementines and then some cottage cheese when I got home. I was so hungry, forgot to take a picture.

Dinner: I made this turkey meatball quinoa soup for dinner. Recipe coming Monday!

Turkey Meatball Soup

Before face-planting into bed, I had a sliced banana with PB2 sauce, but again, totally spaced on a picture. Whoops! I actually really like working Saturdays at the hospital a few times a month, but it means early (or earlier) to bed on Fridays. #sorrynotsorry

Do you like Japanese food? What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently? 
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