Happy Wednesday. How’s your week going? I’m heading out to the burbs this morning to visit my family for Christmas, but first, a little I’ve got a little What I Ate Wednesday for you guys. For the past zillion years, I’ve been sharing a weekly real-life peek at what I eat. It keeps me honest, for one, but I feel like it’s also a good way to show that dietitians/nutritionists are normal people who eat other things besides kale. I mean, I do eat kale (stereotype for a reason), but there is more to life than green vegetables.

Speaking of kale, though, did you guys see LeBron James’ kale-cake post? I was quoted in a related article about sneaking kale into baked goods because why not play with your food?

Anyway. Here’s a look at what I enjoyed on my trip to DC a few weekends ago, when my family and I went down there for a christening. Our train left at 6:45 on Saturday morning and we got back to NYC late Sunday night, but it was great to meet a new family member and catch up with some old faces we hadn’t seen in way too long. As for the food part…

Saturday morning: Greek yogurt and a Nugo Fiber d’Lish bar I crumbled up and ate in the yogurt. I also munched on a sliced green bell pepper during the trip and chugged water like it was my job.

Yogurt and fiber bar breakfast

Saturday Lunch: We walked around the Georgetown neighborhood and had lunch at Sea Catch. I had salad with salmon and some prosecco because mini-vacation = wine with lunch.

saturday georgetown

We stopped at my cousin’s house for drinks and to hang out with the family for a few hours before going to a late dinner at Vidalia.

Saturday Dinner: I had a simple salad to start and then Carolina trout with lobster and some vegetable things going on. I completely forgot to take a picture, but trust me, it was delicious.

Sunday morning I woke up a little earlier than planned so got in a workout at the hotel gym before taking a walk to a nearby Starbucks to pick up a cappuccino. Great first breakfast, in a pinch. cappuccino for breakfast

Sunday Brunch: We went to a place called Martin’s Tavern my cousin had suggested. I was seriously craving some meat because of lady things, so I went with the filet mignon eggs benedict special and salad. I skipped the English muffin and had some of the fruit instead and was a very happy camper.  DC brunch

After brunch, we went to the National Portrait Gallery and then did a quick costume change for the christening. I didn’t take any photos of the event of the reception after because I wanted to spend the time catching up with family, but it was very nice.

Dinner was eaten at the train station, but kind of stressful, so no photos there. I ran into a tricky little allergy situation, but it eventually all worked out okay without having to whip out any epi pens. Next time I’ll stick with my first instinct and just go to a grab-and-go spot where all the ingredients are clearly written on the label.

When I got home close to midnight, I ate some yogurt before crashing into bed and that was that.

What foods did you enjoy on your last trip? Do you do wine at lunch when you’re on vacation? 
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