Happy What I Ate Wednesday. Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving? I feel like this whole fall has been a total blur. This time of year, a common worry I hear from a lot of clients and patients is overeating at holiday meals. To help put your mind at ease, I shared some keep-it-real tips on Now Cure Me so you can avoid that Thanksgiving food guilt trap.

I’m hitting the road soon to go see the folks, so I’m going to jump right in to this week’s “what I ate” style look into what a real-life dietitian (yours truly) eats on a normal day. We all have to find our own sense of moderation when it comes to balancing healthy food with occasional treats, so here’s a little peak at a recent example of mine. This was a Friday when I worked at the hospital and then met a friend for dinner.

Have a great day!

Desk Breakfast: Pumpkin Cranberry Oatmeal with peanut butter

pumpkin cranberry oatmeal

Lunch: Arugula with leftover veggies (mushrooms, roasted eggplant, zucchini, pepper, sundried tomato) and butter beans and boiled eggs.

salad with butter beans and egg

Snack: Greek yogurt with chia seeds

yogurt and chia shot

Dinner at The Milling Room: Cava rose to drink

cava rose milling room


and crispy skate with savoy cabbage (hiding under the fish) and spiced red wine sauce to eat

crispy skate milling room

Bedtime snack: Blackberries with cottage cheese and PB2 sauce—totally forgot to take a picture. Whoops!

What was your last restaurant meal? 

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