Somehow it’s already the first What I Ate Wednesday in November. Of 2015. Yikes! Time really flies. Halloween weekend always gets me thinking about years past. Once upon a time I used to, like, do things on Halloween. This year I was nursing a little head cold (now resolved—phew!), so that plus working at the hospital over the weekend found me enjoying some cozy time at home. At least someone got dressed up…

super dogs

Friday night involved candlelight yoga at a studio nearby which helped clear my head from the week. After getting home from my shift on Saturday, I watched the Addams Family and The Nightmare Before Christmas on Netflix (how are both these movies more than 20 years old? Surely this is a mistake) and made the most delicious venison chili. It had butternut squash, baby kale, white beans, and—oh, right—bourbon. I also added a jar of Trader Joe’s pumpkin salsa. Recipe coming.

Sunday was the beginning of Daylight Savings, which gave me some more rest time, and then my mom and sister came in to see a play. Gotta love cheap ticket deals.

Anyway, here are some food highlights from Halloween weekend.

Breakfast: After three days in a row of savory oats with avocado on top, you’d think I’d have gotten sick of it by Saturday, but nope.

desk breakfast savory oats with avocado

Lunch: I tend to crave more vegetarian proteins when I’m sick, so this bowl of grens and tempeh with roasted veggies and pumpkin miso tahini dressing totally hit the spot on Friday. I made something really similar on Saturday except it has egg instead of tempeh.

tempeh bowl desk lunch

Snacks: Greek yogurt as always. I could keep Fage in business all by myself, probably.

Dinners: I finally got around to using my new omelet pan Friday night. omelet pan

Um, this thing is ridiculous and amazing—way too easy. I made an egg white omelet that had roasted eggplant and a little fontina cheese—perfection. It was lovely with a side salad and roasted murasaki potato.

omelet and salad

Saturday night, I made the aforementioned venison chili, which totally hit the spot. Can’t wait to share it with you guys. venison chili

Not very Halloween-like this weekend, but it was nice and restorative. I guess it was exactly what I needed, because I woke up feeling like myself again on Sunday

What were some of the best things you ate this past weekend? 

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