Happy What I Ate Wednesday. I can’t believe we’re already to the mid-way point of the week. I’m afraid that if I start talking at all about how busy/overloaded I am, I’ll burst into “how the eff is all this going to get done” tears, so let’s flashback to Sunday, which I spent with my mom.

The past few years, we’ve participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Central Park to honor the memory of my grandmother, who passed away at the age of 61 after a long battle with breast and ovarian cancer. Watching her struggle was a huge part of my deciding to become a dietitian. I always get a little choked up at the starting line, but mostly, I’m just happy to be able to spend it with my mom. We had great weather this year, if a big chilly. IMG 3275 e1445211152293 225x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #237: Making Strides

Breakfast: My mom was set to come to my apartment at 7:20, so I got up, showered, and ate some leftover pumpkin cranberry oatmeal while doing line edits on a piece until she got there. IMG 3274 300x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #237: Making Strides

Lunch: We went to The Smith near Lincoln Center. Both of us ordered the lobster avocado salad (with lemon vinaigrette instead of the buttermilk dressing), and we also shared a side of brussels sprouts (pan fried with orange oil) and bacon. I was so hungry, and this totally hit the spot. IMG 3276 300x225 - What I Ate Wednesday #237: Making Strides

Snack: I got crazy-hungry after doing some more writing and cleaning, so midway through the afternoon, I ate some Greek yogurt with coconut flour and cinnamon, topped with PB2 sauce. Of course I forgot to take a picture. That’s how I know I’m really hungry. This is what I usually have on hand. IMG 3158 225x300 - What I Ate Wednesday #237: Making Strides

Dinner: I went to a super-relaxing yoga class and came home to a bowl of this slow cooker soup inspired by a chicken and broccoli rabe chili recipe on Half-Baked Harvest. I used a LOT of paprika, which is one of my favorite spices, and this was so good with some shaved parm on top. On the side, the had a whole wheat sandwich thin with more of the miso-tahini pumpkin sauce and roasted eggplant rounds. IMG 3280 300x229 - What I Ate Wednesday #237: Making Strides

Snack: After a few more hours of editing work (I swear I have a life, just not on this particular night), I got hungry again, and the only thing that sounded good was more yogurt. So yeah.

What life events inspired you to take your career path? What was the best thing you ate this past weekend?
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